The VetsEZ team is awarded a $9 Million Contract for Veterans Benefit Management System (VBMS) Deployment Release Management and Help Desk Tier 2 and Deployment Support

VetsEZ Awarded Contract for Data Syndication and Data Strategy Support from the Department of Veterans Affairs

6/4/2021 – VetsEZ is proud to announce we have received a $9 million contract award by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to provide VBMS Deployment Support, to include Help Desk Tier 2 activities, and overall process improvement.

The near-term goals for ongoing development of Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS) include:

  • Implementing National Work Queue (NWQ) functionality to support VA’s national workload management strategy
  • Reducing reliance on legacy systems
  • Integrating and enhancing information exchange with the Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Implementing improvements to electronic communications and access to the eFolder
  • Providing additional automation capabilities
  • Enhancing existing capabilities at each stage of the claims lifecycle (Establishment, Development, Rating, and Award)

The long-term goals for VBMS include:

  • Enabling Veterans Service Representatives to authorize 100% in VBMS Awards
  • Supporting 100% of the rating process completed in VBMS Ratings
  • Fully implementing Phase 1 of National Work Queue (NWQ) at 100% of Regional Offices and evaluate additional claims inventories for NWQ management
  • Automating end-to-end process from Scheduling Request (of Medical Examinations) through receipt of examination results package
  • Streamlining VA Appeals processing by leveraging existing and enhanced capabilities, procedural changes, automation, analytics, and collaboration with the Board of Veterans Appeals
  • Full integration of a SAFe Agile Framework and DevSecOps supporting frequent deployments